Monday, April 18, 2011

Encounters with Rantwick, episode fifteen: Stupid Honking Jerks

I'm not usually one to piss and moan about the weather. I mean, I most often get some sort of sick satisfaction out of climate related cycling misery and/or joyjoys thanks to true preparedness. But Mother Nature sent out some teaser days that looked and smelled suspiciously like Spring, and now I am ready for nicer weather. Instead this is what most of my weekend looked like:

As you can see I tried out the gopro camera on the dash of my car. I must say I find dashcam video strangely hypnotizing. Compared to cycling video it is so fast and smooth that it kind of sucks me in against my will. The new cam also captured the sights and sounds associated with Stupid Honking Jerks on one of those recent nice Springy days:

Man oh man, do I love those Stupid Honking Jerks. Their laughter is totally worth the startle. Yer Pal,

PS - Hit to check out this new camera I'm using. I must say I'm digging it bigtime.


lifein360 said...

Holy rolling through that stop sign mister on your bike AND in your car!! Bad Rantwick.

RANTWICK said...

I treat Stop signs as yield signs on the bike. If there ARE cars around, I'm as law abiding as anyone could ever want. No excuse for the car, I guess...

Skyers said...

My neighbours have done the same thing to me while I was half a KM away from home..Drive right up behind me and honk at me...The kids think its soo funny to see me sqiurm as if I am about to get hit.
I dont think its quite as funny, it does keep me on my toes tho.
I do love watching your vids and trying to figure out where your riding / Driving. I think I got it figured out now.

RANTWICK said...

My jerks wouldn't do that to me on the road. They know I am uncoordinated and might crash due to due to jumpy fear squirm.

As for where I am riding, get away from me, you stalker. Or stop in for a beer. You know, whatever.

GreenComotion said...

The videos are sharp. You are right, the car dash-cam video was mesmerizing!

Peace :)

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