Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Minor Updates

Update 1 - I rode with my "How's My Driving?" sign today and yesterday, but not on the weekend or Monday. No responses other than a single "omg wtf lol" as of yet. Mrs. Rantwick thinks the people/cars that see me often may get more curious over time... we shall see.

Update 2 - Time is running out to make a play for $5 in real Canadian Tire money in my Obstructionist Art contest. In hindsight I wouldn't have put the submission deadline so far away (July 1), especially because I am embarking on two weeks of vacation on July 1 and probably won't be touching a computer in that time, so no winner will be announced until July 15... foresight is not a strength of mine.

Update 3 - My Trek 520 build has been dead in the water since powder coating the frame. I did Boeshield the innards of the frame as suggested by Cafiend, knowledgeable bike mech and author of Citizen Rider. I like that Boeshield stuff. I've used it on a few other things lately too. Anyway, I have high hopes of continuing with the Trek 520 build soon, but no promises.

I think that's it. Yer Pal,


Ham said...

I'm seriously thinking of trying it out over here, only wouldn't I have to hang around long enough for them to read it?

Steve A said...

I've been contemplating that sign for a while. On a shirt, it would certainly beat the heck out of those preachy bike shirts like the "three feet clearance" or "save the whales" types.

Rantwick, an inspiration to at least a select few!

RANTWICK said...

Still no responses. I don't worry about waiting for people to read it or anything. Many get a chance at traffic lights, which is ideal becuase I'm always taking the lane at a light... perhaps a "How's My Driving" sign with a cycling basics pags of some kind instead of your home blog... I don't know.

I;m still hoping somebody will comment on the blog...

cafiend said...

It's better than my "Honk if you like my middle finger" shirt.

[Dig this captcha: "dognest"]

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