Monday, May 3, 2010

Bicycle Restoration

I'm still pretty slammed with work and life right now, but it is Monday and I wanted to post something.

My buddy and I played at a Stag n' Doe on Saturday night, doing our acoustic duo thing. It was a really fun night. I don't know what your experience of such events is like, but in my world these are usually pretty boozie affairs. I didn't go crazy or anything because I was playing, but I drank enough that leaving my car there overnight was the wisest course of action.

I awoke fairly early on Sunday morning, feeling a little bit hung over. It was cool and raining lightly. I got into some cycling clothes and rode out to the Stag n' Doe location to get my car. I have long been a believer in the restorative powers of a bike ride when you're feeling a little worse for wear. This ride was just over seven miles, so no big deal. The rain got heavier. I made no attempt to stay dry, instead allowing the cool rain to wake me up.

If you don't list riding your bike among your favourite hangover cures, I strongly recommend giving it a try, and arrange for some cool rain to fall if you can. Rain makes it even better.
Be Good,


Apertome said...

I wish I could say I'd experienced the same luck. For me if I'm hung over, there's no real cure ... and riding generally just makes it worse. Consider yourself lucky!

Steve A said...

You sneaky guy. With that title, I figured the post would be about THE Trek. Instead, it was about A trek. Still good, though tricky.

RANTWICK said...

Apertome - Huh. I guess I am lucky! I'm sorry my trick doesn't work for you too.

Steve - yep, I'm bad that way. Mwah hah hahhh!

GreenComotion said...

Hung over, eh? That's okay sometimes.

So, this is like a "Fat Tire" project LOL!

Peace :)

Kokorozashi said...

Amen, brother! A good ride is also definitely the best cure for that weird logy feeling left over after taking Nyquil or that bizarre blue Tylenol PM cough/cold syrup stuff (a feeling which, I'm pretty sure, is more or less a hangover anyway :D).

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