Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Idiot Stole My Shovel

I just finished watching the gold medal game in the World Juniors hockey championship. It was a fantastic game, as most juniors games in recent years have been, except for the fact that USA won in overtime.

Having been robbed of some Canadian pride, I ventured outside to clear the driveway of snow, which is a tested and true method of reclaiming my zen. Turns out, some jackass had made off with my best shovel, bought just last year. I live in a neighbourhood where you wouldn't think you would need to lock up your shovels... I leave Mutant Winter unlocked on the porch all winter long. I leave the car unlocked most of the time, much to the annoyance of Mrs. Rantwick.

I wish they had stolen my crappy car. Stealing a man's shovel is more than a $20 loss. They robbed me of my right to a traditional heart attack, my ability to catch up with my neighbours snow clearing efforts and my ability to recover from a horrible hockey loss. Shame on you, shovel pincher, shame.

I hope that excellent shovel was taken by a member of some poor family with a frail granny who could not leave the house thanks to uncleared snow, because if it wasn't, the person who took it is just a dork.

I'll try to shovel some more your way soon,



GreenComotion said...

reminds me of the time someone swiped my dog tie-out cable :(

peace :)

Big Oak said...

One man's shovel is another man's treasure. Apparently.

jeff said...

Could be a sign to head for warmer climes. :) Take my shovel, please!

RANTWICK said...

Chandra - that theft is even more odd than a shovel, I think.

Big Oak - I sure hope they do treasure it. It was a friend of mine.

jeff - Never! Winter is great in its own right, and also makes one appreciate warmer seasons. I can't go any further South without leaving Canada anyway, so no deal!

Steve A said...

Sounds like a good excuse not to bother with shoveling snow. It'll melt next Spring anyway. As for the further south thing - seems to me you could go to Afghanistan and still feel like you were with Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Rantwick - and I can't even help you out with the snowblower because I don't have a vehicle to pull my trailer anymore!!

Anonymous said...

(and I appear to have missed Steve A's last point??)

RANTWICK said...

Steve A - I somtimes take that approach but it can make for a very difficult driveway to walk on. Some neighbours frown upon it too; it's the winter equivalent of not cutting your grass.

Anon - Thanks for the thought. I'll get a replacement today, since snow continues to fall.

I think Steve A was just referring to the Canadian military presence there... Steve?

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