Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Encounters with Rantwick, episode four: Oblivious Road Hogs

Some road users are just beyond description, but I will attempt to try. Have you ever crossed paths with someone who does notice you, but proceeds just as though they hadn't? In this case I even got to overhear the twisted reasoning behind their actions as they waved their hand and explained some ridiculously false rules of the road to their passenger. My camera didn't pick it up thanks to vibration and rattle noise, but I definitely did, so I have captioned the following video.

I like and miss the oblivious alternate reality occupied by little kids... those two were great.

Don't Ever Change, Cutie-Pies!



ChipSeal said...

I see two kids who will grow up to be bicycle scofflaws! They are already displaying the logic of many adult cyclists. (Sigh.)

You said you expected to make lots of posts griping and growling about stuff like this... You may actually be a nicer person than you suppose, Rantwick! ;)

RANTWICK said...

The day I get crabby about kids like that will never come... the video did them no justice.

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