Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am Awful

The Rev. Michael C. Kelly, March 2007

Remember that patent that I found so interesting and poked fun at? I received a comment recently from somebody who knew the inventor. The commenter informed me that the inventor had passed away just over a week before I posted that blog entry:

Anonymous said...
I found your blog entry doing a Google search for the patent you've written about. I am sorry to say that although I could have easily put you in touch with the inventor, he is very much missed as he died in an accident last December. As far as I know, the system isn't for sale (though I know he auctioned some for charities) and I don't know what will happen to his dreams of encouraging kids to have more fun outside. But if you want to know more about him, try this link:

Of course, I followed the link and learned what you may have learned already. The author of that patent was a well-loved parish priest in Purcellville, Virginia, who died young (at 53), helping others to the very last. I, as you may have guessed, felt pretty bad. I mean, I had been mocking, if gently, a recently deceased Priest... I replied to the commenter, who responded with what I think was a lot of class and kindness:

Rantwick said...
Anonymous,Thank you very much for posting your comment. I followed the link and Father Kelly sounds like he was an outstanding Pastor and person. I feel a little guilty having poked fun at his patent idea, and can only hope that his sense of humour would have extended to me as well.

Coley said...
(ex-Anonymous) Don't feel bad, when he first told me about his bicycle airplanes I thought he was quite nuts. He did have a great sense of humor and I'm sure he would have supplied you with a witty comeback or some quote from history. :)

I would like to extend my sincere, if late in coming, condolences to everyone who loved Father Kelly, and encourage my readers (both of you) to follow that link and learn about somebody who was certainly much more than an inventor.

Yer Pal,


coley said...

Thanks for this update! I remembered your post this weekend, when Fr. Kelly's remaining designs were auctioned off at a church picnic. Anyway, I'm sorry to have made you feel bad. I wish you happy trails!

RANTWICK said...

Coley - Hey, you didn't make me feel bad! In fact you did much to make me feel better! Thanks for checking back.

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