Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coffee is Incidental, not Sentimental

Have any of you fine Canadians out there seen the Tim Hortons commercial that shows all kinds of moving scenes from the lives of a wide variety of people in many different ages and stages and sweet situations? Many of the images are uplifting and make you remember some of your own precious moments. It's nice, if you're into nice things. This is a coffee/donut shop commercial, and the angle is that "every cup" (prominently featured in each image) "tells a story". We are invited to share our Tim Hortons coffee-related cherished moments on a web site at the end of the ad. You can see more at the Tim Hortons web site. There's a great big banner ad that will give you a good idea what the TV ads are like, and of course a link to so you can get in on the story sharing action.

I, for one, don't want to try to link the meaningful moments of my life with paper cups of coffee from a donut shop. I drink those cups of coffee all the time, as do many Canadian people. When I think about it, it is way more likely that I am doing something boring or arduous when one of those cups is around than when I'm watching a sunset or kissing my new baby or wrestling a puppy.

Those cups of coffee are almost always around. I might as well celebrate chairs; a great many of my most touching memories thus far have happened while I was seated on one, or standing near one. As you might have inferred by now, I just don't see a connection, and kind of resent anybody trying to create one for me. Just sayin'.

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