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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Papa got a New Pair of Shoes

Hey, before the real post begins, if you are a member of the "Silver Spokes London" group I met on the trail this morning, please click on my profile link and send me an email address I can use to notify you of when the post containing the video of your group goes up. If you want to send me details about your group and how people can join you, I'll be happy to post that too. Now, to our regularly scheduled program...

I got new cycling shoes early in the summer. Big news, I know. They're the classic MTB type with spd cleats and three velcro straps. Good thing, too:

The preceding scenario repeated itself about one week later, that time in a more public place with a couple of other cyclists nearby, waiting for a light. I felt super-cool all over again. I really like my new shoes.

Yer Pal,

PS - That ugly bar tape complete with duct tape repair job has long since been fixed, so back off, man.

PPS - I'm glad I've moved my everyday camera position from chest to helmet, because I really don't like camera shots that look straight up my nose.


PaddyAnne said...

It was great to see your nose and toes! ... your video reminds me of yet another reason on why I will stick to my good ol' runners and basic flat pedals for all my bike rides! Of course, you could tell people you are practising for next summers naked bike ride (annual event here in Vancouver = not pretty!) ...

RANTWICK said...

Me in a naked bike ride? Not pretty indeed...

Carolyn said...

I like the MTB shoes that I bought this Summer for my tour, they were comfortable enough to walk in up all those hills on my tour.

I'm glad though that I have half/half pedals as I mostly just use the flat side and regular shoes around town. But for long distance touring, the clipless system worked great, for me anyways! The straps are great for keeping the laces way from the chain.

Well ok, they worked great after Day 2 of Tour De Jasper. (Fell three times that day)

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