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Monday, October 5, 2009

Encounters with Rantwick, episode seven: Pathside Fizzie Bomb

Everybody who doesn't ride a bike in the street seems to know for sure that it is terribly dangerous. I beg to differ. It is not dangerous, especially when done well. Car and cyclist collisions are in most cases predictable and preventable.

Multi-use Pathways, on the other hand, can be a jungle; you never know what you'll run into on the path. No Road = No Rules, man. If you don't believe me, check out this latest instalment of Encounters with Rantwick. I didn't choose the word "jungle" lightly... we're talking guerrilla warfare-style exploding devices, man!

Wishing you fizz-free cycling,

P.S. - My computer clock read 11:55 PM just before hitting the Publish button. Take that, Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Did you yell at those delinquents? They deserved it!


Steve A said...

Was Monday ever in doubt? Classic device to build up the suspense first.

Rantwick said...

Stacy - Nah. You can't tell from the video, but they had no idea I was there. They were just bein' goofy kids.

Steve - Hey, that wasn't a device, that was an instrument, although folk rather than classical.

Keri said...

The soundtrack is great!

You get some great stuff on the trail... traffic seems so predictable and boring in comparison :-)

Rantwick said...

Keri - thanks! And you are definitely right about sillier stuff on the trail.

cafiend said...

You're absolutely right about "no road, no rules." Paths are outlaw country.

You made it by the end of Monday, too!

Apertome said...

There's something to be said for being a goofy kid, but ... man, those kids ought to be careful.

Do you ride around with a video camera recording all the time, to catch footage like this? I'm curious what your setup is like.

Rantwick said...

Apertome - yep, I leave the camera running alot of the time, because stuff just happens too fast.

Often I arrive with nothing worth keeping and just wipe the memory card, but once in a while I get soemthing like this to work with.

I use some software called virtualdub and deshaker to try to smooth the images from my cheap digital camera, mounted on my bars.

Search "deshaker" on the blog and you'll get a pic of the home-made camera mount somewhere...

Steve A said...

Got home and actually got to WATCH the video. I LOVE the Rantwick speaking lines, er, word.

BTW, "fizzy bomb?" That sounds rather "Commonwealth" to me. Everything's "Coke" around the Southern US. What kind of "Coke" do you want? I want "Root Beer" "Coke."

I didn't say that "fizzy" was inferior, just "different." Around here, I guess I'd ask for "fizzy Coke" and they'd look at me as if I were on drugs. "Of course Coke's fizzy, how else would it be?"

Personally, I drink "water" "Coke" most the time...

jeff said...

I love the smell of fizzie bombs in the morning.

Rantwick said...

Steve - ramble on, you insane Texan. Commonwealth? Coke? Huh? It could have been anything... Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper... it was definitely fizzy.

Jeff - that's the spirit, Kilgore!

ChipSeal said...

And I thought being shot while on my bicycle was over the top! What exciting lives you Canadians have!

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