How's My Driving? Let Me Know.

Welcome! I'm hoping you're here because you were in your car and saw the "" sign on my back. I show that web address partly so people will check out my site in general and partly because I hope that people (particularly motorists) will tell me what they think of my driving and maybe read my responses. It is my sincere hope that in this way I might create an online discussion about cycling and cars that does NOT turn all angry and stupid like so many of them seem to.

A couple of things you should know:

1) I drive a car too, almost every day.

2) I am not interested in speaking for or representing all cyclists. My answers are mine alone. There are cyclists who might disagree with me; they are welcome to comment.

That's it! Leave a comment on this page and I will respond. I will post virtually any comment, but please try to keep it civil and useful. Please note that I sometimes turn comments and responses into full blog posts of their own. You can see all that stuff by clicking on this link to the "How's My Driving?" archive.


Anonymous said...

Any bites Mr. Rantwick?

RANTWICK said...

Not yet, I'm afraid. I was expecting some to come in when I was out on ice and in the cold, but nope.

Anonymous said...

That jerk Rantwick almost ran me over!

Just kidding, but you could have if you wanted to. We crossed paths yesterday.

I always thought I would see you while commuting on my bike but I was out jogging and spotted a guy with a GoPro on his helmet. Quickly thinking, I wanted something memorable to yell to ensure I received my own 15 minutes of fame on, but I froze.

I blew my chance.

BTW I was the big guy in the grey hoodie northbound on Ridout.

RANTWICK said...

Hey, thanks for dropping me a note anyway. Next time, just yell "Hey RANTWICK"! That would do my ego a world of good by making me "famous" (only in my own mind, or course).

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