Friday, November 24, 2017

And Now, Some News: I've Come Through My Brain Surgery Quite Well!

Hey all. I won't be doing a real post for a while because my brain surgery has happened (on Nov 16) and appears to have been very successful! Yay!

That said, I'm weak as a kitten and I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than a large feather.

My recovery is likely to take at least a couple months and I probably won't be posting much in that time. I just didn't want any of my few remaining regulars to worry I was dead!

I will update again when, say, I ride again for the first time or something like that.

As always thanks for everyone's good vibes and kind hopes!

Yer Pal,


Monday, October 30, 2017

No News is, well, No News

I'm going to stop updating people on my brain / surgery status, because my operation has been delayed twice and has a likelihood of being bumped again and again. As such, I'm just going to live my life and post bikey stuff on this blog instead. Right after this.

I have repeatedly sung the praises of the Canadian health care system and will continue to do so. Some of my friends have pointed to these delays saying "see, this is what free health care gets you; long waits. If you were in the States (USA) you would have been done by now (if you had the insurance or money)".

I take issue with that idea in my case. We have spoken with my neurosurgeon's office at length and we now understand a little more about this situation. The surgery I require can be done by very few people. Neurosurgeons who do what I need are very few and far between and the surgery itself requires a large team and lots of time, such that my surgeon does about 4 big operations a month. I have not been back-burnered as a less urgent case. I am a Priority 2. The only higher priority is assigned to people who will die without emergency surgery. These emergencies happen, and bump me and every other priority 2 down the calendar as needed.

If I were to "shop around" in other countries, I would not find vascular neurosurgeons specializing in AVMs just waiting to take my money, or if I did, I would have to wonder about their qualifications. What I need just isn't like that. It is way more uncommon than even complex heart surgery. People as rare as myself just have to wait; that is the whole story. There is nothing to be gained by being the squeaky wheel or looking further from home; I am lucky enough to have one of these rare specialists right in my city. I remain blessed in many ways, by my country's health care system, by my geographic location, and on and on.

So that's it. No more updates on this stuff will be forthcoming. Also I still want a fat bike but can't justify the expense among all the other stuff we should be spending any spare cash on. If you loved me, you would send me a fat bike. Fat bike please. C'mon, I have a weird thing in my brain. So give me a fat bike.

Fat Bike.

PS - If one of my dear readers sent me a fat bike, I would not accept it. That was supposed to be a joke. If you have cash to throw around please give it somebody in real need. On the other hand, if some Bike Company with a soft spot for weirdos knocked on my door with a fat bike, how could I say no? (See above for wink).

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Are You #%^1n' Kiddin' Me #11

Have you seen these? I'm sure you have if I have here in conservative, boring old London Ontario. I try to avoid being a hater, you know. I'm no better than anyone else; I have no particular right to hate these cars. But I do. I just do. My Mother always told us that hate is a very strong word, to be used with great reluctance. She was, of course, correct. I will therefore downgrade my previous statement to "I find these cars terribly distasteful". I think you can tell from my spontaneous reactions...

But come on, cars that intentionally create a contact patch the width of a bike tire by tilting the wheels in a way that surely puts all kinds of wrong stresses on the car, sacrifices traction and likely destroys tires? Are you #%^1n' Kiddin' Me?

Yer Pal,